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3 Chrome Extensions You Can’t Live Without

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Technoid Computer News: 3 BEST Chrome Extensions

On its own, Google’s Chrome is a pretty neat browser, however extensions can either increase or weigh down its potential exponentially. So, exactly what are extensions – I hear you whisper? Essentially, they’re small apps that add extra – external – functionality. For Chrome, there are literally tens of thousands of available extensions, performing a huge variety of functions – everything from find shopping coupons, to extensions that make your computer run much faster. A visit to Googles Chrome Web Store Extensions page can be overwhelming, so we’re going to simplify things for you, here are 3 extensions you can’t – or shouldn’t – live without.

For newbies to the Chrome browser, consider this your extensions starter pack. If you’re a Chrome power user, you’ll no doubt be familiar most or some of these, but you might learn about some you’ve never heard of before. Once you’ve tried any one of these extensions, you won’t know how you ever lived without them.


Technoid Computer News: Google Chrome Extension The Great Suspender

If you install but one extension on this list, make it The Great Suspender. As great as Chrome is, it’s a bit of a memory hog, which contributes to slower performance and poor battery life for laptop users. This magical extension pauses unused tabs after a user-specified amount of time, saving precious RAM. If you have a computer with not so much memory, like less than 4GB of RAM, this extension will change, and by “change” we mean “speed up”  your online life.

Technoid Computer News: Last-Pass Crome Extension

The problem with passwords is that you have too many of them. For that reason, you probably make them all the same or similar, which is easier to remember, but less secure. LastPass solves both of these problems. It generates and remembers nearly impossible-to-crack passwords for each site that requires a login, all managed through one master password you choose.

LastPass had a security vulnerability earlier this summer (user passwords are encrypted, though, so those were safe), but until a truly more secure method of authentication is determined (think biometrics), it’s still the best solution.

Technoid Computer News: Google Chrome Extension Grammerly

As we type, we are literally using this clever extension, Grammarly is spell check, but much much more. It offers contextual spell check and good grammar advice, so if you’re the sort to get your “your and you’re”or “its” and “it’s” mixed up (definitely not this reporter not in this lifetime :), this extension will save you scores of scowls. If you’re willing to shell out for a premium Grammarly membership, the extension will also suggest sounder vocab and check for potential plagiarism.



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