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MUST SEE! Catalyst’s Dr Maryanne Demasi Does Chiropractic

Posted: July 17th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Cankler Science Matters | Tags: , , , , , | Comments Off on MUST SEE! Catalyst’s Dr Maryanne Demasi Does Chiropractic

Dr Maryanne Demasi Does ChiropracticI’m not a huge television watcher, discerning, one show I must see each week – or I seriously get the grumps is Catalyst. For those not-in-the-know, Catalyst is a superlative Australian science program aired weekly on ABC TV, it’s always current, often a lark and most beautifully produced.

My favourite Catalyst, Dr Demasi, this week looked into a worrying trend that has science based medicine up in arms – chiropractors with ambitions of replacing the family gp – There have been reports that chiropractors are the new refuge for a range of health problems, like asthma, colic, reflux and even autism?

Dr Maryanne Demasi reckons, “…most people go to the chiropractor for back pain, and, despite its surging popularity, its proven benefit is fairly limited. A review of spinal manipulation showed that it could alleviate lower back pain, but it was no more effective than heat therapy, or even a good massage.” :: Read the full article »»»»