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Tech-Galaxy Radiates with Rumors of Samsung AMD Takeover

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Tech-Galaxy Alight with Rumors Samsung AMD Takeover Iminent
The tech-galaxy if rife with rumors of Samsung’s eminent takeover of chip-maker AMD. Could future Samsung phones and tablets be about to get a serious boost in muscle.

Is there any substance to today’s rumor that Samsung is considering acquiring AMD? ::::

There are definitely a bunch of reasons Samsung would want to take control of AMD, not the least of which is AMD’s massive patent portfolio, decades of experience designing and building chips, and some serious brand cred.

AMD has slipped from the heights of their Athlon 64 glory, but they’re still a powerful force in the technology world. More and more computing workload is getting shifted from CPUs to GPUs, and therefore AMD’s Radeon tech makes a tempting target for companies like Samsung.

With Radeon as part of its in-house, Samsung would never need to look to outside sources for GPU development. AMD also has serious expertise with ARM-based processors. They’ve only targeted servers so far, but they still have plenty of hands-on experience, something invaluable to Samsung.

This isn’t the first time Samsung’s shown interest in AMD, back in 2007, Samsung’s head of telecommunications pointed out that… “It’s necessary to consider the AMD acquisition in order to secure a new growth engine for Samsung”.

AMD on board, punters could see some truly nasty Exynos chips.

Rumors on the Samsung AMD acquisition are neither locked or loaded. Earlier this year Samsung was supposed to be buying BlackBerry – a few of times – for $US7.5B, however, all that came out of those rumors was fluff and bubbles, a bit of software collaboration and an enterprise agreement. Lesson? the same is most likely true this time around, Samsung and AMD are most likely merely collaborating on chip design.

Early reviews of the Galaxy S6 suggest that Samsung has definitely got their mojo back. If they want to get ahead and stay ahead, they’ll need to make some brash moves, buying AMD would definitely qualify as a just that.

The deal isn’t remotely simple, there are several cross platform deals floating around the galaxy – mainly between AMD and Intel, “An immediate question comes up with regards to the cross-licensing agreement with Intel, by which Intel grants AMD the x86 license and AMD grants Intel the x86 64bit license, i.e. AMD64. Will a Samsung/AMD acquisition violate the cross-licensing agreement?” AMD CFO Devinder Kumar said, addressing cross-licensing concerns.


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The Kernel

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The company is forecasting a $AU7 billion September-quarter profit, off the back of $45 billion in 3 month sales. That profit forecast is slightly ahead of the average forecast by 16 analysts surveyed by Reuters. Samsung shares were up 0.3 per cent in early Korean trade, and are up almost 30 per cent so far this year.

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At first glance Samsung has stuck closely to it’s recent form, Galaxy S4 has a similar shell to its predecessor, the Galaxy S III. The most notable differences are a larger screen – 5-inch 1080p next vs S3’s 4.8-inch 720p) – a much thinner build, it’s around eight percent thinner than the Galaxy S3, a an increased bling factor, I want this phone!

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