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REBLOG! Tips and Tricks every iOS 8 user should know

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Tips and Tricks every iOS 8 user should know

Late last month Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8 and while most of the changes were subtle, there are some interesting hidden features might just come in handy. Here’s a look at some tips, tricks, and features that will help you out ::::
Turn off Predictive text

Turn off Predictive text

Predictive text is something that Android and Windows Phone users have had for years, but it’s new to iOS 8. According to Apple, the QuickType feature is supposed to get better over time, and predict what you’re going to type next based on your writing style. But some people might be annoyed with it, and prefer extra screen real estate when typing in iMessage, Word, Pages, or other apps.

Turning it off is easy. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and flip the Predictive switch to Off. After that you won’t see the word selection at the top of the keyboard.

Turn off Predictive text

Using your iPhone as Medical ID

The new Health app in iOS 8 includes a feature called Medical ID that lets you fill in pertinent information about your health. The feature only comes on the iPhone, and not the iPad – presumably you’re more likely to have your phone with you rather than the tablet.

You can fill in important data that EMS workers would need to know if you were involved in an accident, such as allergies, blood type, medical conditions and emergency contacts. What makes this especially valuable is anyone can get at it even if your phone is locked. They can make the emergency call as well as get your important health information.

Use your phone as a Medical ID

Finding battery-hogging apps

Wondering why you need to recharge your iPhone so often? It might have to do with a battery hogging app so iOS 8 will help you track down the culprit by showing which apps are using the most battery juice.

Find battery-hogging apps

To find them, go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage and you’ll see a list of the apps that have been using the most battery power over the past 24 hours or seven days.

For more iPhone tips checkout gizmag.com


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source: gizmag

image source: gizmag

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