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Apple is Looking for its Groove via Beats

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Apple is Looking for its Groove via BeatsApple has been in a funk of late, it hasn’t truly done anything outstanding for close on 4 years. hard to believe it released iPad in 2010, since then the consumertech behemoth has been treading water.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is about to buy its way out of its funk with the imminent purchase of übercool Beats Electronics.

If indeed the deal does go ahead, it would mark the biggest acquisition for the company to date, $US3.2 billion.

The waters around the deal are still a little murky, however sources are saying the deal might be announced as early as next week. As part of the deal Apple will pickup both the hardware – headphones – and music streaming sides of Beats’ business.

Beats was founded by rapper Dr Dre and music producer Jimmy Iovine in 2008, the company employs around 300 ::::
Apple is Looking for its Groove via Beats
Beats has a chequered ownership history, in 2011, Chinese mobile device maker HTC acquired a 50.1% stake in beats for $US309m, the deal secured exclusive rights for HTC to manufacture smartphones with Beats branded audio systems. In 2012 HTC sold back half its stake in Beats for $US150m, the Chinese techgiant remained Beats largest shareholder for  a further 12 months with a 25.1 percent holding, however by late 2013 HTC had sold out of Beats completely.

If the Apple deal does move forward, it would see Apple’s talent pool increase significantly, hardware design has been inhouse for Beats for some time now, their expertise has extended to designing sound for HP and Chrysler. As well, it’s likely that the deal would see rapid improvements to Apple’s iTunes and iTunes Radio, helping shift from its current download to a streaming model.

Over the past 12 months – under the stewardship of CEO Tim Cook – Apple has seriously ramped up its acquisitions, with Mr Cook saying that he’s more than open to the idea of billion dollar buys.

Apple declined to comment for this post.


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The consumer electronics giant confirmed findings that a major security flaw in it’s mobile devices – iPhones and iPads – also appears in notebook and desktop machines running OS X.

Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller says “We’re aware of this issue and already have a software fix that will be released very soon.”

Apple released a fix on Friday afternoon for the mobile devices running iOS, most devices will update automatically. \However, when the fix went live, experts dissected it finding the same fundamental issues in the operating system for Apple’s Macintosh machines.

Apple is apparently racing to push out the fix before intelligence agencies and crooks get to write programs to take advantage of the flaw. Many analysts are questioning the accidental nature of the flaw :: Read the full article »»»»


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