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Scammers Use Malaysia Airlines MH370 As Bait

Posted: March 19th, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: Facebook, Hack!, Technoid Computer News | Tags: , , , , | Comments Off on Scammers Use Malaysia Airlines MH370 As Bait

Scammers Use Malysia Airlines MH370 As Bait

Scammers are a lowly bunch, they’ll use almost anything as bait to lure in the unsuspecting, the latest scam doing the rounds is targeting people searching for news about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, steering them to a fake Facebook page which is designed to generate money for scammers.

According to a blog-post by Websense’s Carl Leonard, the faux Facebook page looks completely legitimate at first glance. “The lure websites have been configured to appear like a legitimate Facebook page, complete with sharing button, suitable graphics, and relevant links.” ::::

Scammers Use Malysia Airlines MH370 As Bait

However, when punters click on the site, they are presented with a link which falsely claims to present a Yahoo news article, the user is encouraged to share the news article. If the person is logged into Facebook, the fake link is shared with all their friends, warns Mr Leonard.

Users are than presented with a link containing a YouTube video which is rated R18+

People are than presented with a link containing a YouTube video which is rated R18+.

“To verify your age, you have to complete a short test below,” reads the message. People are encouraged to take part in the test with claims of thousands of dollars or vouchers if they do.

However, this is simply a lure designed to generate money for the scammers as part of what Leonard referred to as a Cost Per Action – CPA – scam. CPA is an online advertising price model where the advertiser pays for clicks or impressions.

Read Carl Leonard’s post: community.websense.com


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In the op-ed, the duo – Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen – detail the the means to overcome internet censorship in repressive communities.

Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, Cohen, Director of Google Ideas, assert that the coming decade will see the internet increase by five-billion users from around the globe.

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Telstra, Australia's Largest Telco Fined For Privacy BreachAustralia’s largest telecommunications company ‘Telstra’ has been fined $10,200 and warned about privacy after a data breach saw the information of more than 15,000 customers made available online.

Last year a Fairfax journalist discovered that the telco had published the names, phone numbers and addresses of customers. The journalist alerted the telco to the breach, and also informed the – OAIC – Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

The OAIC launched a year-long investigation with the Australian Communications and Media Authority – ACMA – and the agencies have now handed down their reports.

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