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US Regulator Bails on Google Hunt

Posted: January 4th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Google, Tech-Business News | Tags: | Comments Off on US Regulator Bails on Google Hunt

Google vs US Trade Commission US regulators have announced they will not be charging Google over its internet search practices. Google had been accused of manipulating search results and abusing its market dominance to snuff out competitors.

In a statement the US Federal Trade Commission said that after a 20-month probe it could not bring a case against the search behemoth.

Despite the absence of charges surrounding Google’s search business, the Trade Commission has found that Google misused its broad patents on mobile phone technology, acquired in its takeover of Motorola, and it has ordered the company to make that technology available to rivals through license arrangements.

Google has also agreed to change some of its search and advertising practices. However, rivals including Microsoft are not happy with the changes. Google is also still under investigation from European regulators and some US states ::::

Wow, checking back, Google loves a little litigation…

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