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Apparently, It’s all in the wrist

Posted: September 4th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: BLOGGING!, REBLOG | Tags: | Comments Off on Apparently, It’s all in the wrist

Sonywatch - It's All In The Wrist - Digital Life

According to Digital Life’s Nick Bilton at least, mobile phones have already muscled onto watches’ turf as a time-telling tool. Now, some of the biggest technology companies are eyeing your wrist too. Companies such as Apple, Nike and Sony, along with dozens of start-ups, hope to strap a device on your wrist ::::

It is quite a disruption for the wristwatch, which has not actually been around all that long. Though said to have been invented in 1868 by the Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe, it didn’t really catch on until after World War I. Before that, people carried watches in their pockets or on chains.

The new wrist devices won’t replace smartphones, but rather connect to them. Most will continue the basic task of telling the time, while eliminating the need to dig a smartphone out of your pocket or purse. But they will provide far more information than the most advanced G-Shock watch available today, or the most expensive chronometer :: Read the full SMH article »»»»


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