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Facebook Security Update: Call Your Friends

Posted: October 30th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Facebook, Hack!, M.Aaron Silverman, Social Media, Technoid Computer News | Tags: , , , | Comments Off on Facebook Security Update: Call Your Friends


In a blog entry on Thursday, Facebook stated that about 600,000 log-ins every day are compromised. In it’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, under update/10150335022240766, Facebook claims to have locked it’s site down with new clever security policies, the best of which is Call a Friend?

Controlling how you share content on Facebook is quite complex and will probably make your head hurt, but it’s essential that you take a good look at the settings and decide for yourself what you want to share and with whom, from where.

“Today, we wanted to give you an update on some new features we will be testing in the coming weeks – Trusted Friends and App Passwords – and remind you of the many user tools we offer to help keep you secure on Facebook”

Whenever Facebook opens it’s considerable mouth, it seems to do the exact opposite to the words that fall out. Security site Sophos, was in the first to jump on the (what ever the opposite to security is . . . ) issues Facebook is having with it’s stats.

The infographic Facebook has posted on it’s blog and  scribd.com introducing it’s new security features, seems to indicate that Facebook in-fact has a considerable security problem? ::::

Sophos dug deep into the numbers and pulled out a a stat showing 0.06% of 1 billion logins per day are compromised, 600,000 compromised users? Less than 0.5% of Facebook users experience spam on any given day.

“Our considerable work has undoubtedly made Facebook a safer environment – less than half a percent of users experience spam on any given day and only a fraction of a percent of our users ever experience any security-related issues. But we know there is plenty of more work to be done and we will keep striving to make sure that every time you log in to Facebook, you have a safe and social experience.  We are adapting and responding to new threats everyday and will continue to roll out new ways to protect your account. Be on the lookout for more announcements throughout the rest of this year, and remember to stay vigilant while online and remind others to do the same”

Sophos says “If an unauthorised party has logged into your Facebook account, then you’re far from alone. New official statistics revealed by the social networking giant reveal that 0.06% of the more than billion logins that they have each day are compromised. Put another way, that’s more than 600,000 per day – or, if you really like to make your mind melt, one user every 140 milliseconds.


Facebook’s proposed solution for such breaches is to find three to five Trusted Friends. That way, if you’re locked out of your account, Facebook will send codes to your friends to give to you. Facebook is also testing app passwords that the company will generate on your behalf and you won’t need to remember. To set up – trusted friends, go to your Security Settings Page (Account > Account Settings > Security), and click on the Trusted Friends section. From there, you can scroll through your friends and choose up to five. (You may not have access to this just yet — this section doesn’t appear in my settings.) Mashable has a decent outline on the Facebook security fiasco. Facebook’s privacy settings are extremely detailed, giving you the ability to fine-tune the privacy aspects of almost every little part of your Facebook account. Unfortunately, for most users, this level of micromanagement makes Facebook’s privacy settings a convoluted mess. http://mashable.com/2011/02/07/facebook-privacy-guide/

Security and safety are at the core of Facebook. We have entire teams dedicated to building tools that give people even more control over their account and specifically the way they access their information. In fact, many of our most talented engineers are working exclusively on creating a secure environment on Facebook. This October, as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are working with others in the community to help educate people about techniques and tools for securing your devices and networks. Additionally, we thought this would be a great opportunity to tell you about some of the systems working behind the scenes to keep you and your data safe.

Facebook says that you will be able to nominate three to five “trusted” friends who can help you if you have a problem accessing your account – if, for instance, someone else has changed its password and locked you out of your email account. The idea is that if you need to login to Facebook but can’t access your email account, Facebook will send codes to your friends that they can pass on to you.

Most amusing, was the feedback on the blog:

The updated security system doesn’t seem any more efficient than the usual routine if you’ve simply forgotten your password, but if your account has been hacked and you’ve been locked out of your email, this is a new solution. It adds a new layer of security, theoretically your friends can verify your identity more easily than any automated email. Security firm Sophos points out, though, that a hacker could also remove or change your trusted friends settings and render the feature useless.

To set up Trusted Friends, go to your Security Settings Page (Account > Account Settings > Security), and click on the Trusted Friends section. From there, you can scroll through your friends and choose up to five. (You may not have access to this just yet — this section doesn’t appear in my settings.)


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